Choosing a style for your recipe

Style Sliders

Once you've chosen a style for your recipe, you'll see some range bars on these charts.

They represent maximum and minimum figures for the style that you have chosen, according to the particular guidelines you have selected.

When you've added enough ingredients to your beer, we'll show you a little circle on the table that represents the predicted figures for your recipe.

Style Sliders

These figures represent:

  • IBU: your recipe's predicted bitterness, calculated from the hop additions.
  • SRM: your beer's predicted colour, calculated from the fermentable additions and volume.
  • OG: the predicted original gravity.
  • FG: the predicted final gravity.
  • ABV: the predicted final alcohol by volume.

Adjusting the Recipe Using the Sliders

On the top right of the slider section, you'll see an unlock button. If you click it and try adjusting some of the sliders, your ingredients will be adjusted.

This is what we do:

  • IBU Slider Adjust: adjust hops to increase bitterness. At the moment, this will only adjust boil and first wort hops added more than 5 minutes before the end of the recipe. If there is demand I can make a change there, I know some brewers like to throw all their hops in at the end.
  • OG Slider Adjust: will adjust all the fermentables accordingly.
  • ABV Slider Adjust: will adjust all the fermentables accordingly.

Be careful here, if you've spent a while curating your hops and fermentables and play around with these, they'll be changed.

Please note, these sliders are quite experimental and may not 100% accurately adjust the recipe. They work pretty well (within a few percent accurate) but you may need to save and reload the recipe to get the correct figure.

Style Profile Add

Please also see the tables documentation.

Here you can search for your style. This defaults to the most common style profile guide - the BJCP 2015 Style Guide.

You can change the guide in the guide dropdown. You'll see some stats to the right.

Currently, the guidelines we have:

  • AABC 2010
  • BJCP 2015 Beer
  • BJCP 2015 Cider
  • BJCP 2015 Mead
  • Brewers Association 2021
  • DOLD 2019
  • FADOL 2015
  • GABF 2015
  • Norbrygg 2021
  • SHBF 2018

Many thanks to the above organisations including these guidelines.

James Torr 18 Jun 22