Adding Recipes

Recipe Adding

Go to the new recipe page via the main menu: Recipe > New Recipe


You might want to first set your User Equipment via Settings > Account > Recipe.

The idea there is that you're saving your most common equipment setup, so you don't have to add it every time you make a new recipe. If you don't do that, the New Recipe page will show some pretty standard defaults. If you've set it, the Recipe Type, Batch Size, Boil Time and Efficiency fields will be populated with what you chose. You just need to add the Recipe Name and the Date Brewed.

If you choose Use Default Equipment Profile, and you've saved your equipment to your profile, some extra fields will be pre-populated when you open your new recipe.

Here's some more detail about the fields that will be saved into the recipe:

  • Batch Size - amount you expect to get out of your fermenter and into packaging.
  • Boil Time - amount of time for your boil.
  • Efficiency - mash efficiency.
  • Cooling Loss Pct - percentage of wort shrinkage between when you measured it going in (adding to the mash) and the fermenter. Liquid has a smaller volume at lower temperatures.
  • Evap Rate - amount of wort lost due to evaporation per hour.
  • Hop Utilisation - percentage of hop utilisation.
  • Mash Water Grain Ratio - ratio between grains: water. 20 litres of water and 5 kg of grain is a 4:1 ratio - we save this as 4. This will determine how we calculate mash water additions.
  • Fermenter Deadspace - how much is lost in your fermenter due to yeast, hops and deadspace.
  • Kettle Deadspace - how much lost in your kettle - trub, chiller deadspace etc.
  • Mash Tun Deadspace - how much lost in your mash tun.
  • Tun Volume - volume of your mash tun.
  • Tun Specific Heat - heat capacity of your tun. Used for calculating strike water temp. If you have a heated mash tun, you probably don't need to worry too much about working this out.
  • Tun Weight - weight of your tun - with the specific heat, you use this to estimate your strike water temp.

James Torr 18 Jun 22