Hop Ingredients

That bitter, pungent herb that counterbalances the sweet.


On the left hand side of the hops section, you'll see bitterness:gravity ratio aka BU:GU. This figure is calculated from the IBUs and the OG and will give you a better idea of the balance of your recipe.

Here's an overview of some BUGU ratios of common styles:

| Beer Style | Common BU:GU Ratio |
| -------------------- | ------------------ |
| American Light Lager | 0.30 | | American Wheat Beer | 0.47 | | German Pils | 0.66 | | Irish Red Ale | 0.56 | | Irish Stout | 0.65 | | American Amber Ale | 0.65 | | American IPA | 0.95 |

Hops Table

Please refer to the Recipe Tables page for more detailed information on how to use the tables.

The hops ingredients is no different to the rest of the tables in the recipe.

You can edit all the fields apart from IBU, which is calculated.

Edit Button - The edit button Delete Button - The delete button.

  • The edit button: See Hop Ingredient Edit. This will open up a box for you to edit further details about each hop ingredient. This is available for ALL ingredients. Advanced only.
  • The delete button: delete your hop ingredient.
  • WPT: Whirlpool temperature - used in calculating the bitterness imparted during whirlpooling.
  • Use: Can be a variety of different additions.
    • Boil: hops added during the boil, most common addition.
    • Dry Hop: hops added to the FV during/after fermentation.
    • Mash: hops added during the mash.
    • First Wort: hops added after the mash, before the boil starts.
    • Whirlpool: hops added after the boil, typically when the temperature has dropped a little to reduce bitterness.
  • AA% - Alpha Acid. This will be pre-populated with a typical value when you add your hop. The actual AA% will depend on the batch of hops you have and can vary by a few %, so this is always worth checking and editing, particularly for bittering hops.
  • Tm(m): Time, minutes from the end of the boil. So if you have a 60 minute boil, hops you add at the beginning will have a time of 60, hops you add at the end will have a time of 0.
  • IBU: This is a calculation based on a LOT of variables. In this table, Use, AA%, Time, Amount all contribute towards the IBUs. Volume figures will also contribute towards this figure. You have a total IBUs sum on the bottom row.
  • Amt: The amount of hops in grams. Total at the bottom.

Hop Ingredient Add Table

Clicking on the Add Hop button will reveal the hop ingredient table.

You can filter the hops that appear on the table using the Choose Region dropdown.

Alternatively sort, or search using any of the headers that are available. Most folks will be searching by name.

If you can't find the hop you're looking for, just add something close and you'll be able to edit the details once it's on the table.

Once you've chosen a hop, click the checkbox next to it and a button will appear on the side. You can select and add multiple hops this way. Click the button and it'll be added to your hop ingredient table.

Hop Ingredient Edit

Click on the Edit Buttonedit button to open this dialogue. You'll be able to change some of the other details about your hops for your records.

Only the items in the table contribute towards calculating the bitterness, so this is more about logging your ingredient.

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