User Recipe Import

Import your BSMX format recipes

Here you'll be importing your BSMX files.

Top left of your screen when you're logged in: Settings > Account.

Head to the Import area.

Click Choose File to upload a BSMX export file.


Please don't ignore this!

  • Delete Existing Recipes: checking this will DELETE your existing recipes (you'll see warning text) when you import your BSMX file. Leaving it unchecked will import your recipes IN ADDITION to your existing recipes.
  • Make Imported Recipe Public: checking this will make your imported recipes all public - they'll show up on the public recipe feed. Leaving it unchecked will mark them as private.

Please note: we don't have any way of batch editing (deleting, marking private) recipes, so please be careful here unless you want to lose data or spend a few hours deleting/changing your recipes.


  • [ ] Create an export BSMX function.
  • [ ] Batch delete recipes
  • [ ] Batch private/public recipes

James Torr 18 Jun 22