Hydrometer Calculator

ABV, attenuation, extract and alcohol based on hydrometer readings.

Enter your hydrometer readings here to calculate various figures.

It's important to remember that liquid becomes less viscous (thick) as it gets hotter. The hydrometer essentially is a measure of this: more sugar means more viscosity, your hydrometer sits higher in the liquid. We have to make sure we're accounting for the effect of temperature on this, so we need to note and enter the temperature the readings are taken at.

Enter the following:

  • Hydrometer OG: your hydrometer reading before fermentation (post boil or into fermenter)
  • Temperature OG: the temperature this reading was taken at
  • Hydrometer FG: your hydrometer reading at the end of (or possibly during) fermentation.
  • Temperature FG: the temperature this reading was taken at
  • Calibration Temp (C): the calibration temp of your hydrometer. Leave it at 20C if it's a newer hydrometer, if it's 10+ years old, you may need to set that at 15C. Check the packaging to confirm this if you're not sure.

  • Adjusted OG: temperature adjusted original gravity.
  • Adjusted FG: temperature adjusted final gravity.
  • ABV %: calculated alcohol by volume
  • ABW %: calculated alcohol by weight
  • Apparent Attenuation %: calculated attenuation - the percentage of sugars eaten up.
  • Real Extract (Plato): real extract content of your beer in degrees Plato. In reality, you won't need to use this figure very often
  • Calories from Alcohol (l): the amount of calories per litre from alcohol in your finished beer.
  • Calories from carbs (l): the amount of calories per litre from carbohydrates in your finished beer.
  • Calories Total (l): : the total amount of calories per litre in your finished beer.

James Torr 18 Jun 22